Spiritual Assessment
Spiritual Injury App
SpiritualInjuryApp is a program for assessing individual spiritual injuries that compromise spiritual health and well-being. It is an abbreviated assessment instrument more fully available as a complete spiritual assessment by clicking on SpiritualityApp in the above menu. The eight items assessed in SpiritualInjuryApp are fully describe and discussed in Spiritual Assessment's Manual. SpiritualInjuryApp is available by clicking on the following SpiritualInjuryApp link. When the assessment is completed, click on the Thank You banner to access the results. On Window's based computers (PCs) these results are downloaded to a file named SpiritualInjuryDB located in your download file folder. On Mac and iPads results are captured on the computer/iPad screen. The information gathered is saved as a single file. It is advisable to copy the results and paste them in an Excel folder labelled SpiritualInjuryDB. This way correlations, comparisons, and progress can be measured and documented using Excel formulas and charts.

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